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Driving Theory Test UK

Car Theory Test

  • To qualify for your car driving licence in the UK, you have to pass the Car Theory Test administered by the DSA. Thorough practice is necessary to complete the test successfully, so we are here to assist you with your preparation. You can set up your account with us in few simple steps and gain access to our meticulously designed modules, which will help you learn for the test easily. The learning materials will help you pass the Car Theory Test the very first time you appear for it. Until you pass your theory test, you will have access to your account.

    The car theory test comprises of two parts: multiple choice section and hazard perception section. The multiple choice section was introduced in the year 1996. Later in 2002, the hazard perception section was added to meet the demands of the traffic volume increase and the need for increased agility in driving safely.

    The subjects covered in the theory test aim to educate you and assist you with your practical training. The practical lessons will equip you for driving in the real world. The multiple choice questions would quiz you on the basics that every driver on the UK roads must be aware of the safety of self and the others. The hazard perception part deals with the most important part of driving - response time and action of a driver in predicting and on facing a hazard.

    There are 15 sections from which you would have to answer questions on your car theory test. Different number of questions from each section will be presented to you randomly for your test. To help you prepare effectively, we have categorised our practice test questions under each category. In your account, you will find 988 questions categorised as 15 sections. The 15 sections, which help you understand how to drive safely, are as follows,

    • Documents
    • Motorway Rules
    • Road Rules
    • Alertness
    • Attitude
    • Hazard Awareness
    • Accidents
    • Traffic and Road Signs
    • Emergencies, accidents and incidents
    • Vehicle handling
    • Safety Margins
    • Vehicle safety
    • Vehicle Types
    • Vehicle Loading
    • Safety Margins
    • Vulnerable Road Users
    • Case Studies

    The DSA car theory test will have 50 random questions, out of which you have to answer at least 43 correctly to pass the test. Our easy start and practice test modules will help you in preparing for and passing the car theory test successfully.

Hazard Perception Test Clips

Hazard Perception Test Clips
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