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Documents You Need To Take To Your Theory Test


Documents to Bring to Your Driving Theory Test

You’ll need to take a few documents, or pieces of information, to your driving theory test. Failure to bring these documents to the test centre can result in a test cancellation without refund, and your having to rebook the test for a later date.

The following is a list of documents to bring to your driving theory test:

  • Your photo card and paper counterpart, for the provisional driving licence.
  • If you don’t have a new style licence, with the paper and card parts, then you need to take your old style provisional licence. If this is the case, you also need to take
  • Your passport.
  • Your appointment card, if you have one, or a booking number if you don’t.

The theory test can be moved, if you can’t make the original appointment. In order to move your test free of charge, you have to notify the test centre at least three working days in advance. Because the test centre is operational on Saturdays as well as Monday to Friday, you can include a Saturday in the three days’ notice period.

The test is done on a touch screen, and lasts for just under one hour (57 minutes). You will always be aware of how much time is left for you to complete the test – there’s a time counter on the screen. Candidates who speak a language other than English can choose to have a voice over in any of 20 commonly spoken languages. You may also bring a translator to the test if you need to.

The documents listed above are the only documents to bring to your driving theory test. However, once you have passed the theory test and intend to move on to booking and taking your practical test, you’ll need to remember that in addition to these documents you’ll also need your theory test pass certificate.