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Hazard Perception Test

  • Brief introduction of Hazard Perception Test

    Hazard Perception Test is the second section of the U.K Driving Test. You will be shown a video clip of how the hazard perception works before you start the hazard perception test.

    Hazard Perception Test is of 2 types:

    • Car and Motorcycle: This type of test will have 14 clips consisting of 15 developing hazards. A minimum score of 44 off 75 is a mandate to pass this test.
    • Lorry and Bus: To get a driving license for this category, you will be shown 19 hazard video clips which will include 20 developing hazards. To pass DSA Driving Theory test you must atleast score a 67 out of 100 to pass this test.
  • What does Hazard Perception Test has?

    The Hazard Perception Test contains clips on hazard of everyday road scenes, accidents, pedestrians or cyclists crossing the road, vehicles coming from the side road, parking places, giant vehicles moving to your side of the road, pets running on the road, weather conditions, parked vehicles and many more. A total of 14 clips will be shown to you, each of approximately one minute consisting of atleast one developing hazard, and one clip of two developing hazards.

  • How to score in Hazard Perception Test?

    In order to score in Hazard Perception Test, you will be required to take an action from a driver's point of view, such as changing direction or lowering your speed depending upon the developing hazard clip shown to you. The sooner you spot the developing hazard and click with the mouse, the higher score you achieve.

    If you click continuously during a clip, a message will pop-up at the end saying that particular click has been lapsed and you scored a zero for it.

  • An example of how to identify a hazard

    For each video clip there is one possible developing hazard and a total score of 5 is allotted to each hazard video clip. Each video clip is divided into 5 segments to score depending on the earliest responses. When you identify a hazard quickly which is an actual hazard then you score 5. This score pattern decreases as you click the mouse button even and when the hazard appears closer. The least you could score is 1 point. If you click the mouse when there are no possible hazards your score remains zero.

    For the below example the first window shows a cyclist appearing towards the road that you are driving, so he may result as a hazard for you. When you click your mouse at this point you score a total of 5 points.

    In the second window the cyclist appears much closer than the first, now you are sure that he will get onto the road that you’re driving so you’re score decreases to 4 points.

    The third window shows that he entered the road which you’re travelling so now the score even decreases to 3 points.

    The fourth and fifth window shows the cyclist is in just front of your vehicle and in a position where you could actually face a hazard so your score would be 2 points and even 1 point if you click it in the last segment.

    Hazard Perception Test Clip 1 Hazard Perception Test Clip 2
    Hazard Perception Test Clip 3 Hazard Perception Test Clip 4
    Hazard Perception Test Clip 5

Theory Test Questions

  • Theory test questionsTheory test is of two parts
    i. Multiple choice part and
    ii. Hazard Perception Part
  • UK Driving Theory Test.co.uk help you to practice theory questions both section wise and randomly from DSA revision question bank for Car and Motorcycle.
  • Get unlimited mock tests of theory questions and hazard perception tests

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