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Hazard Perception Test

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) introduced the hazard perception test as part of its re-vamped UK driving test, in 2002. The hazard perception test is designed to examine a driver’s awareness of the dangers present on and around the road. By learning how to spot a dangerous situation before it occurs (a “hazard” is something that has not yet become actively dangerous, but which has the potential to do so), the driver improves his or her road sense and is likely to become involved in traffic incidents in those all-important first months after a test pass.

When you take the hazard perception test, you will be shown 14 video clips taken under normal driving conditions. 13 of these clips feature one hazard; the other one features two. You are not told which of your 14 clips will be featuring two hazards.

The hazard perception test is taken with a mouse and computer screen. The learner driver is asked to point at hazards with the mouse, and to identify them with a click. You’ll score a number of points depending on when and how accurately you spot the developing hazard.

A “developing hazard” is a hazard that is transitioning from a potential threat to a definite danger. The hazard perception test is looking for drivers who can pick out the developing hazard from all the other potential problems on the screen, and act accordingly.

If you watch the clips play out to their end, you will see that the behaviour of the driver on the screen has been forcibly altered by one of the hazards he or she has passed – he or she has had to brake or swerve to avoid danger. Identifying the developing hazard that has caused this to happen scores the points you need to pass the test.

Be aware that randomly clicking all over the screen in the hope of hitting the right point will get you a fail.

Hazard Perception Test Images

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